Welcome Spring! We are eager to get our hands dirty, growing 100% of the biodynamic plants that go into each and every product you purchase, utilizing only veganic farming practices.  That means we say ‘no’ to pesticides, herbicides, chemicals and animal by-products.  We even take it a step further by making our own soil, irrigating with rain water and harvesting by hand.

Biodynamic also means that we complete the lifecycle of each plant from seed to seal, by formulating, crafting and packaging our herbal products on premise.  Nothing travels far, reducing our carbon impact and our dependance on supplies.  Our herbal apothecary offers plant based products to include lip balms, soy candles, extracts and our world renowned, medicinal garlic powder!

All products are certified cruelty free and vegan, intentionally formulated and small batch crafted by hand.  We guarantee it!  Check out our newest additions…you’re going to ♡ what magic they can do for you!