Relax. Patchouli Sweet Orange Essential Oil Candle.


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RELAX with naturally exotic oils of asian patchouli and sweet orange, hand blended and poured into minimalist inspired jars.
// Release + Relax + Embrace //

The aromatherapy collection is scented with only 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OILS. An essential oil candle is not intended to fill a space with strong scent and should not be compared to a perfume oil candle. Each type has a purpose and that is why we craft both. Our essential oil blends are soft, meaningful and perfect for anyone that prefers a lighter candle experience. The combinations of oils work synergistically to provide ambient aroma to our mind, body and soul, while fulfilling its purpose. As with any essential oil use, allow the oils to do their job. We intentionally craft our essential oil line for you to use as a personal candle, altar or ritual, for meditation, setting intention, yoga, office work, reading or relaxing in a bath, to name a few. Each is intended to encourage moments of self care, balance, grounding, creativity, focus, purity and rejuvenation.
How do I choose? You may choose any for its blended intention or simply choose a blend that resonates with you. Either way, you are connecting with the candle, its purpose and its power to heal. How do I use? Clear your space (mind included) of distraction, light your candle, set your intention and relax, focusing only on you. Be grateful, be gentle, be kind in thought. Breathe.
What if I don’t have time? Find it. We all have time, yet how we choose to use it, is up to each of us. Your time is vitally important to your health and well-being, just as much as it is to those you devote your time to. You can juggle it all with a little creative scheduling! It requires a shift in the mindset from what is normal. This is called change. Seek 10 minutes daily, working your way up to 30 minutes for one month. You’ve now created a healthy habit!


Only 3 left in stock


⌾ 4oz/113g of natural non-gmo soy wax + braided cotton wick
⌾ Certified organic essential oils
⌾ 40-60 hour burn time
⌾ Reusable clear glass jar and silver tin lid
⌾ Packaged in eco Kraft gift box (it’s compostable + biodegradable!)
⌾ Certified vegan + Certified cruelty free
⌾ Made in New England

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Weight8 oz
Dimensions2.25 × 2.25 × 2.75 in

4 reviews for Relax. Patchouli Sweet Orange Essential Oil Candle.

  1. Jaxon

    Looooove this candle! It is the perfect blend of patchouli and orange without making your house smell like the 70’s!

  2. Sebastian

    Oh my patchouli! So grounding and relaxing that I want to wear it!

  3. Tracy

    Amazing scent! Shipped quickly and love the label!

  4. Richard

    Wonderful scent with a lasting fragrance. Thank you for the fast delivery

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