||||Romanian Red Garlic. Certified Naturally Grown. 1 Pound.

Romanian Red Garlic. Certified Naturally Grown. 1 Pound.


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2018 garlic harvest now available!

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Romanian Red garlic is extremely high in the medicinal compound allicin.

Our famous garlic is enjoyed by professional chefs and the aspiring home cook, world-wide.  Tasty, pungent and flavorful in culinary creations and medicinal healing.  A powerful medicinal herb containing some of the highest levels of allicin of any garlic variety.  Chopped fresh and raw daily, garlic is proven to lower risk of heart disease, improve cholesterol levels, reduce oxidative damage and fight infectious disease (think cold & flu), to name a few.  Garlic is low in calories, high in nutrients and contains a healthy balance of calcium, copper, potassium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins B1/B6/C, manganese, fiber and selenium.

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Organically grown.  Tested disease free yearly.

One pound order minimum.  An average pound equals 4-6 bulbs.  Free shipping offers do not apply to fresh garlic bulbs.

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Seed quality bulbs

Garlic bulb size is determined by many factors. One important factor is the quality of the ‘seed’ (clove size). Our seed quality garlic is 2″ or greater in diameter. First come, first serve.



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