Garlic Powder


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Garlic Powder

Ingredients: 1.3 oz/37g organically grown Maine garlic.

Grown and packaged in Maine USA.

A fine powder, in it’s simplest form, destined to make your special dishes the center of attention.  Naturally packed with the highest dose of allicin of any garlic variety, this special blend is crafted from our very own Romanian Red cloves.  Gently hand harvested, dried and then milled to maintain maximum potency and medicinal benefit.  Yes, it is healthy!  Sprinkle a pinch on soups, stews and oven dishes.  Then take it to the table as a finishing spice.  It’s stinkin’ good garlic!

Reusable / recyclable glass container with metal lid*

Only 9 left in stock (can be backordered)

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Did you know most garlic (fresh and dried) in stores comes from China? Not ours!

Blended with our own locally grown varieties such as Romanian Red, Russian Red, and Music – this garlic powder adds fresh and fantastic flavor to just about any dish. We hand-select and blend of garlic to add just the right flavors.

Our herbs and spice blends come from Maine. Each grown organically, harvested, dried and blended by two hands.  Per ounce costs less than mass produced spices and they didn’t travel for months from a distant country to your stores shelf. That means fresh and flavorful!

*Packaging note: we are transitioning from a recyclable plastic lid to a metal lid.  During this period, you may still receive a plastic lid (not shown in photo) until we have depleted our inventory…thank you!

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4 reviews for Garlic Powder

  1. Kristina

    I cannot say enough about this garlic! I only buy local and ran out of my garlic stores before spring garlic popped up. In desperation, I decided to buy a small jar of powder but was completely disgusted to find that garlic powder is nearly always a product of China. I stumbled on October Fields and could not be happier with their product. I will not hesitate to order from them the next time I need a garlic fix!

  2. Michael

    I’ve been making my own Garlic power at home, and it’s faaaaar better than store bought, but the effort might not be worth it now that I can order this magical stuff!!

  3. Karen

    Very fresh and great garlic taste. Love that it’s home grown and no bad stuff added. Great seller to purchase from and I will be back, thanks.

  4. Karen

    Delish garlic. You will love this shop! Thanks for the sample too.

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