Wholesale and Consignment

We do offer wholesale to verified stockists for retail of our soy candles and lip balms. Please complete the application and we’ll be in touch.


Shipping and Order Accuracy

All orders are shipped to the address a buyer enters at checkout. An order confirmation will be provided. Please review for accuracy and contact us should you require assistance. October Fields is not responsible for your order once it ships, nor can we change or alter its destination. Should the order be returned for address error, we will contact you to re-ship. If the buyer requests to re-ship, new fees will be collected to cover the costs of processing the order. If the buyer refuses to re-ship, we may consider this a non-returnable item, thereby reserving the right to cancel the order and no money refunded to buyer. Non-returnable items include: sale, food, hygiene, bulk herbs, tinctures+oils. Shipping+handling fees are non-refundable.

Usage and Alteration of Herbs

All herbs (not limited to dried and tincture) are purchased at the sole discretion of the buyer. The buyer assumes all responsibility of use and care, as well as, any alteration of the herb from its original form. There are many on-line and hard copy resources available providing in-depth details of herb origin, usage, contraindications, preparation and more. It is buyers duty to consult with healthcare practitioner before, during and after use.

Growing and Care

All herbs are organically grown in nutrient-rich soil, hand harvested and air dried, without the use of chemicals, pesticides or herbicides. Origin, Maine USA.  Harvesting begins in June and concludes during November of each year. All herbs listed yield from the latest growing season. Your herbs will arrive in paper bags. If you do not plan to use all immediately, place them in an airtight jar away from light and heat. Herbs have varying shelf lives, but are best used within 1-2 years of purchase. If it looks good and smells good, use it.

Candle Care

Our complete candle care instructions can be found here.

Transit Times

All orders are processed within 1-3 days after receipt of order and ship via USPS, FEDEX or UPS, at our discretion. If you do not receive your package within 14 business days, please contact us for tracking assistance and/or to make a claim. We may further direct you to your local post office for assistance beyond our capabilities. All shipments are estimates. Express services are available. The carrier is responsible for transit accuracy, delivery and any delays incurred.

Sponsorship & Freebies

Although we do not give out free product for reviews or giveaways (i.e. beauty bloggers, YouTube, etc), we welcome you to purchase items in order to write your review. We do support several carefully chosen philanthropies annually. You may contact us to see if your institution meets our criteria and to discuss your needs.

Customer Service, Support & Reviews

Providing superior product, excellent service, and customer happiness is our highest priority. We are honest, fair and transparent. We are human. Should you have any issues, please feel free to reach out and allow us the opportunity to resolve any concerns you may have, prior to leaving feedback. Let’s make it right together.

Purchasing Bulk Herbs, Multiple Units

All herbs are listed in 1/4, 1/2, 1oz (or similar) weight increments and vary per herb type/listing. If you order multiple units of a single herb, all units will be placed in one bag. Ex. chamomile is sold in 1/2 oz units. If you purchase 2 @ 1/2 oz, you will receive 1 single bag marked ‘chamomile 1oz’. You may further separate into individual sizes upon receipt. We offer many products to purchase in smaller sizes and encourage you to do so, prior to purchasing larger quantities to see if our quality it is a match for your requirements.


All of our products are crafted in thoughtfully sourced vessels, made only in the USA. After a products useful lifespan we encourage reuse, then lastly recycling. Our cardboard and paper products are made of 97% post-consumer waste and 3% factory waste, are biodegradable, compostable, and earth friendly. Our lip balm tubes are BPA free and recyclable.


We love to send small samples, where applicable.  Our samples may include select herbs, tealight candles and lip balms.  They are packaged and/or poured into BPA free plastic.  Why plastic?  We work with New England manufacturers that produce plastic cups, bags and tubes from recycled consumer material, creating a second lifecycle and reduced landfill waste.  If we could put them in paper, we would, but the truth is that the alternative to plastic would be to import tin from China (and we NEVER use imported materials), which would still need to be recycled.  We know this may not settle well with many of our eco-passionate customers, but feel it is the lesser of two evils.  Until we find the perfect solution, we ask that you recycle, upcycle or reuse accordingly.  If you prefer not to receive a sample, we completely understand.  Simply write a notation with your order and we will respect your decision.

Core Values

  1. Create the change you wish to see
  2. Treat the earth, and all who inhabit, with respect and compassion.
  3. Be ethical in action and word.
  4. Think clearly before acting, be mindful and impactful.