2016 a year in review by October Fields Farm

2016. A year in review by October Fields Farm 2016 was our 3rd official year in business, and it was another great year thanks to all of you. We hope that through continued education and our carefully thought out, ecoIogically-sensible products we will continue on this trend. So again, we thank you all. It was […]

Eating the Sustainable Way

Our Garlic

Eating the Sustainable Way Going grocery shopping is always an adventure. We are always curious as farmers to see what people purchase, and see what types of products the store itself sells. What really turns us off is when a store sells little to no local products, especially when we know that with a little […]

2015 Garlic almost ready! (update – SOLD OUT FOR 2015)

Garlic curing

Our garlic has been harvested and is in the process of drying. This is an important step and aids in greatly increasing the storage of the garlic. In about two weeks, we will begin cleaning, sorting, and grading our bulbs for shipment to our customers. For those of you that have reserved garlic, we will […]

2015 Organic Garlic Crop Update

Garlic Scapes

Now that the garlic scapes have been harvested (which allows the bulb to develop) the garlic will be ready to harvest in 2-3 weeks, after which we will cure it for 3-4 weeks. Curing your garlic allows for better storage during the winter months. We will begin sending out email invoices to those that have […]

Keeping and storing garlic

We plant our garlic in the fall, and it is harvested during the summer of the following year. After harvest, our garlic is then cured. Curing is important to garlic after harvest, as this greatly extends storage life. We cure our garlic on open racks in the shade and under cover, with as much air […]

Maine Organic Garlic available for pre-order

Maine Organic Garlic

Our organic Romanian Red garlic is available for pre-order. No payment needed now. Simply contact us and state: Specify Seed or Culinary Garlic Quantity (total pounds or ounces) Culinary garlic bulbs will be priced at 6.00/lb. Seed quality bulbs (much larger) will be priced at 20.00/lb. Our garlic sells out extremely fast and has been […]