October Fields is

traditional herbal alchemy, inspired by the magic of a month.
intentionally handcrafted, certified cruelty free and vegan.

connecting our self awareness to the stillness of the earth.
a bit carefree. intuitively simple. a reminder of why we are here.
a meeting of mindful impact.

daring to be different.
years ahead of the sustainable movement.
embracing a meaningful collide between plant, animal and planet.

growing each herb in naturally pristine mid-coast Maine soil.
harvesting flowers, fruits and roots with index finger and thumb.
nurturing natures vital constituents into vibrant, clean and effective plant potions.

harmonizing attunement, ethics and change.
self care, self love and a passion for the planet.
acceptance of natures rhythm.

celebrating seasonal cycles and rituals.
living closely with the earth : sun, moon, stars, planets
working with the four natural elements : earth, air, fire, water.

In October 2011, husband and wife team, Chris and Sloane, began their personal journey to bridge the gap between mindful ideals and everyday routine. Clean living, environmental awareness and healing through the earths energy, shifted thought…working against the earth is counterproductive. Working with it is magical.

Eight years later, October Fields® continues to alter perception, gently executing its brand to reach like-minded beings worldwide. Never compromising the materials or the message that, as little as we may be, we are able to impact the greater good. Graciously creating each product, by hand, using time honored methods of plant extraction, infused with real meaning and positive energy. Sending each creation your way with good vibes, harmony in the earth and a connection of our souls to every living creature. Giving to promote environmental awareness, compassionate behavior and empathy to the world. That’s movement.

We’re enjoying our journey. Welcome to yours.

plant love in small batches®
Chris + Sloane

⌾ ⌾ ⌾ ⌾ ⌾ ⌾

Our guarantee
products handcrafted in small batches, utilizing October Fields® grown, premium organic and wild harvested plants, without the use of:

⌾ Animal testing ⌾ Animal by-product ⌾ Colorant / Dye ⌾ Genetically modified material ⌾ Herbicides ⌾ High heat ⌾ Imported material ⌾ Mineral oil ⌾ Palm oil ⌾ Parabens ⌾ Pesticides ⌾ Petroleum ⌾ Phthalate ⌾ Sodium Lauryl / Laureth Sulfate ⌾ Synthetics ⌾ Preservatives ⌾ Refined oil


One Percent for the Planet®
Certified Vegan by vegan.org
Cruelty free and vegan
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