At October Fields®, we’re inspired by our honest roots in meaningful production – something we started back back in 2012 and continue to be overly passionate about to this day.  We were vegan, sustainable and zero-waste long before the words became buzz-worthy terms. In fact, we had already created rigorous values that go beyond any certification or trend.  We support select organizations that encourage accountability, maintaining your trust, beyond the logo.


Our products are clean, having never come in contact with herbicides, pesticides or chemicals.  Because we grow 100% of our plants, we need not use the terms ‘responsibly sourced’, ‘local’, ‘living wages’, ’fair trade’ or ‘as possible’ – words that are a vague promise of purity.  Where it comes from should matter as much as how it is made.  Simply said, we grow it, we pick it and we make it. 


Everyone deserves to live their best life.  Our brand is founded on the idea that living a beautiful, joyous and happy life should be accessible to everyone.  We believe that abundant access to real food that was once covered in soil, grown with intention and a connection of right choices is best for you, your family, your pets and our planet.   

Today, our mission continues as we’ve grown into the most transparent natural brand on the market, with every step of our materials and methods passing through our humble hands – and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We are a proud veteran/woman owned and operated business.


plant love in small batches®
Chris + Sloane

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Our guarantee
products handcrafted in small batches, utilizing October Fields® grown, premium organic and wild harvested plants, without the use of:

⌾ Animal testing ⌾ Animal by-product ⌾ Colorant / Dye ⌾ Genetically modified material ⌾ Herbicides ⌾ High heat ⌾ Imported material ⌾ Mineral oil ⌾ Palm oil ⌾ Parabens ⌾ Pesticides ⌾ Petroleum ⌾ Phthalate ⌾ Sodium Lauryl / Laureth Sulfate ⌾ Synthetics ⌾ Preservatives ⌾ Refined oil


Certified Vegan by vegan.org
Cruelty free and vegan