What is wellness? Over the past several decades, the definition of wellness has evolved. We now know wellness is not just about consuming clean food and getting plenty of exercise, but maintaining good gut health, practicing stress (and time) management and having supportive relationships. These relationships may be spiritual, physical or natural.  Why is it we become ill in winter?

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As we suspected, the cold weather does play a very small role, but not to the extent that we must curl up with the common cold or flu.  Our behaviors initiate a reaction.  We have a personal responsibility to our well-being and to the way our body reacts to the way we treat it.  Traditionally, winter was a season for respite, healing and for slowing the pace of our hectic ways.  The days become shorter and darkness looms, for what seems to be a never-ending season of cramming 12 hours of daylight activities into 8.  Our initial reaction is to continue at this pace until we become run down, tired, stressed, depressed and frankly, sick.

Common seasonal ailments are not limited to the cold and flu, and include: sore throat, asthma, joint pain, dry skin, allergies, viral infections, sleep deprivation, depression, stress, poor diet, decrease in activity and poor hygiene.

Prevention and protection is the best plan to keep your immune system balanced and strong, all season.  Start with small daily rituals that create time and space for you to heal naturally, with the help of our plant allies.

Choose herbal teas and tonics that support your goals.  Soothe stress and anxiety with skullcap and lemon balm.  Encourage restful sleep with lavender, valerian and hops.  Nurture your mood with st. john’s wort and burdock.  Stay focused with ashwagandha and tulsi.


The good news is, that we can prevent illness with an intuitive and proactive approach.  We consider prevention to be the best medicine.  Plants can be powerful medicinal allies, when used responsibly.  Creating a relationship with their vital energy ensures a symbiotic partnership that can offer a spiritual connection to our emotional healing and physical well-being.

Stay warm and well,

Chris + Sloane // founders + owners